Our history is synonymous with consistent investments in innovation, training and skills development, and a commitment to quality – which has earned us the confidence and credibility of the industry and made us one of the leading partners in the automotive industry in South America.

Our composites are designed and manufactured for high-durability, low-weight, mechanical resistance applications in order to meet the rigorous standards of market demand and comply with international safety standards.

Our work, however, is not restricted to just the automotive segment. We have the expertise and technology to serve a wide range of sectors and purchasers of plastic composites in Brazil and South America, such as the manufacturers of home appliances, consumer goods, portable devices, and other sectors.

The evolution of the industry itself has driven a general overall adoption of plastic over metal – not only because of reduced costs, but also because of the advantages of mechanical and operational efficiency, energy efficiency and weight efficiency advantages, as well as benefits related to the visual sophistication of the items.

We know how important functional and visual aspects are in today’s consumer shopping decisions. The diversity of our state-of-the-art materials, in tune with the greater global trends of resources and production, allows us to develop solutions for internal and external applications that promote and amplify the functionality and aesthetic harmony of the final products.

Not only do we partner with the industry to provide customers with high value-added products, but we also work to deliver composites that provide customer wellbeing and convenience. As they have already become part of people’s daily lives, our composites have superior finishes and high resistance to the use of chemicals (i.e., cleaning agents).

Through advanced development and continual updating of our best productive practices, we develop innovative composites that set the sector’s global trends for the future.

Some of the key features include:

Internal Applications

  • Low brightness and touch-sensitive material;
  • Resistance to various risks;
  • Range of colors;
  • International safety standards;
  • Low emission of odors and scrap.

External Applications

  • Highly adhesive material for various color inks;
  • Density reduction (lighter components);
  • Balance between stiffness and flexibility;
  • Mechanical efficiency;
  • Durability and stability to thermal variations.

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