Founded in 1977 under the name Branco, CPE Compostos Plásticos de Engenharia was a pioneer in bringing innovative polypropylene (PP) composites technology to Brazil. We are one of the largest polypropylene composite manufacturers in Latin America.

We have been investing in this market for over three decades and have established a leading role. Our brand is synonymous with this industry in Brazil, as we help our customers deliver high-quality and high-performance finished products to their consumers.

When we started, we had two units: a composite unit and a masterbatch unit. Since then, we have evolved constantly in search of solutions to transform the market.

The masterbatch unit was sold in 1988, while our composite area was expanded thanks to a joint venture with Dow Group’s Dow Automotive, who acquired 51% of the company. This transaction drove our internationalization process, a model that embedded world-class, state-of-the-art technology into our production process and business.

This led to CPE Compostos Plásticos de Engenharia playing a crucial role in the development of Brazil’s automotive industry. We have actively participated in utilizing plastic to replace other materials in cars manufactured in Brazil, significantly contributing to the evolution of lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

In mid-2002, Dow Automotive acquired a greater interest in the joint venture, taking full control of operations. Seven years later, a division specifically focused on the automotive segment was created and baptized with the name Styron. This new company was made up entirely of plants devoted to producing plastic for the automotive industry.

After a short period of consolidation, we started entertaining offers from the market. Having kept an eye on our moves, the American investment company Bain Capital took an interest and bought Styron.

In 2014-2015, we had our IPO on the US stock exchange, with a market cap around $200 million, and our name and identity changed to Trinseo.

In 2016, Qoppar Participações Ltda. acquired Trinseo’s Brazilian operations and started CPE Compostos Plásticos de Engenharia. This nationalization process has provided us with more agility in decision-making and even more knowledge and expertise of the Brazilian composite market.

This change did not, however, prevent us from taking part in  technology discovery and transfer. We maintain a technological collaboration process with Trinseo, through R&D exchange, exclusive distribution to South American countries, and the licensing of process technologies.

This model keeps CPE at the forefront of the engineering plastics market because we work with cutting-edge processes and technologies that enable the company to act and serve a wide market of buyers.