As the topic of sustainability has gained momentum over the past few years, our company values have aligned with consumer and industry demands. This concept goes far beyond just caring for the environment. It intertwines relationships between people, the company’s conduct towards society and the healthy preservation of a company’s business in the future.

Ethical process maintenance, management , safety and social responsibility are all part of our daily lives. More than just providing quality and excellence in products and services, we need to be concerned and ensure quality in our methods, from end to end.

Our values ​​promote integrity throughout the entire production process by means of regulatory measures and national and international standards recognized by all leading market players. We always aim to create products that comply with strict safety criteria, from initial product development to their final disposal.

This commitment to safety is explicit in the broad mapping of threats, exposures and risks to the quality of human health and the environment, as well as to the market itself, in emergency situations, or situations involving logistics and distribution.

In addition, we are attentive to the performance of the entire business chain, and support and encourage our partners to act in a transparent manner, based on informed and sustainable decisions.

Taking a critical view of our operational routines, we maintain active safety policies for all our employees through continuous training and sharing of industry best practices.

Our pursuit of improvements in protection systems relies on continuous monitoring of activities in order to ensure codes of conduct that are up-to-date with emerging industry trends around the world.

ISO 14001: 2015 – Certified since 2007
We are certified under the international standard that determines the best practices of an effective environmental management system. The certification was designed to help companies improve environmental responsibility, and reduce environmental risks and impacts on their internal processes, without interfering with commercial techniques.